What would it take to build credibility for Christ-followers among secularists today?

There is no hope of maintaining a Christian voice if no such voice exists.  That voice had become extinct for many of us who are too young to remember Jimmy Carter.  We are likely to have been presented with a polarized viewpoint on politics–an “us” verses “them” mentality.

It is somewhat odd to see an event such as the Saddleback Civil Forum.  We watch it with two attitudes.  The first is the strong suggestion that we ought to already have fixed our positions, declaring a sense that “this is our guy, not the other one.”  The other attitude is that maybe we aren’t looking very closely at the platforms of the “other guy” and we ought to.  The 30-somethings approach November 4th with the strong suggestion that we have to show such strong favoritism or disdain for each candidate, but we simply do not.  We simply don’t know if it is as cut and dry–“black” and “white.”

There is a pluralistic confusion in the current political race which divides fathers and sons, brothers and friends.  On the facade, it appears that to see matters of faith and politics merge means that we have made a great stride toward reconciliation–as if Rick Warren were showing us two parties who share a substantively similar worldview.  But at the same time, “our” candidate is choosing to campaign by way of mud-slinging–as if to win by discrediting the “other guy.”  Dirty.  It’s all annoying and expensive and tired.  I’d rather watch “Dancing With The Stars.”  (oops, wrong generation)  I’d rather watch “The Office.”

So what’s up with Don Miller?  How did he get on the stage of the Democratic National Convention?

What is the place for believers, politics, and celebrity?  Are we believers suppose to remain silent or champion our man?  Are believers to dominate the political canvas or be private, discrete, and keep quite on the matter?

Generation X is not silent on very many issues.  Thus, in so few words, Generation X essentially presents us with Barack Obama.

More and more, there is not one certain party that clearly embraces or opposes shared values that matter most to Christian believers.  You or I may not have the guts, the genius, nor the celebrity to do what Don has been invited to do when he concluded the democratic convention in prayer by Obama supporters’ request.  Immediately, I wanted to be offended–to view it as treasonous.  After viewing the video attached to the top of my post, I grant him more than pardon, I offer a standing ovation.

(update: October 2008)

Today, I’m not as quick to applaud.  I simply don’t think that Don has been getting his newspaper.  Frankly, I’m frustrated.

1. It’s about far more than pro-life or pro-choice.  I get it.  But this leads me to number 2.

2.  If the important issues are to move beyond a cultural stalemate brought about bipartisan politics, then I believe that Don has cut off his nose to spite his face.

3.  What matters to me that are not important to Don or his favorite, black (affirmative action), historic, candidate:

a.  The responsible end to the humanitarian aid in Iraq.

b.  It’s not about race or gender, its about economy and security.

c.  McCain does not equal 4 more years of Bush.  Thus the “hatchet” mentality on government spending.

d.. Educational Vouchers

e.  Christian values and right to life.

f.  Strong-handed defense and preemptive strikes on Iran or N. Korea if needed.

g.  a balanced federal budget.

The ABC’s for Don or anyone else who just want to see a black man become president of the U.S.

Left (liberal)—————————-Moderate———————-Right (conservative)

Here’s Barack…….Hilary…….Bill Clinton……..McCain……..Bush