Fresh from tonight’s class in what I call “Grace Training,” here are some great Steve Brown quotes:

  • The people who use the term “Doctrines of Grace” don’t generally have any grace.  They are likely the meanest people you’ll know.
    • If this is our message, how come we still live in the prison of our mind?  Why does religion eat us alive?  Why are we so guilty?  Why are we so mean?
    • A lot of Christians believe that holiness is defined as meanness and that if I can be as mean as God, I too can be holy.
    • “Guilty people make others feel guilty.  You can always tell how guilty a person is by how guilty you feel in their presence.  Free people make people feel free.”
  • “God, I am not good, but I’m Yours.”
  • “You wouldn’t be so shocked at your sin if you didn’t have such a high opinion of yourself.”
  • “The default of a Christian is self-righteousness and the law–thinking that we can add something to the sufficiency of Christ.”
    • Q: Why do we stay in our legalistic prisons?  A: Pedagogy: there are those who teach holiness in an unbiblical way and sanctification in a way that keeps people in prison.

. . . and that was just hour 1