I spent a few hours hiking in the Ocala National Forest today. Among other wildlife, I came across a family of three raccoons, and most interestingly, I spotted a crawfish on the floor of the forest.  I thought that a bird had dropped it from its beak as it flew overhead because I wasn’t near a stream.   I came home to read up about him online.crawfish

His name alone clears it all up; Procambarus clarkii.  This is the Latin name for the “Red Swamp Crawfish.”

I was on “Marshall Swamp Trail.”  Although it is currently pretty dried up, this is a swamp, and he didn’t fall here, he inhabits the swamp.  It’s more strange that I am here rather than it being here.  The one thing we have in common is that we both need water.

As I walk around in the Florida swamp, I was thinking about ‘revelation.’  God’s revelation.  The way the world, the cosmos, the creation, reveals God–what theologians refer to as ‘general revelation.’

Before I found the crawfish (or “crayfish”), I had walked past several little placards; the type of thing you see along the path that draw your attention to various points of interest.  One of them explained what a sweet gum tree is.  Others told about the fungi on the tree bark, the ferns, the cedars, air plants, and the magnolias.  I read them all.

One in particular pertains to my thoughts on ‘general revelation.’  The plaque read, “Who rakes the leaves?”  It goes on to explain that fungus, bacteria, insects, and worms all chip in to “digest” the leaves back into the nourishment of the soil.  Amazing.  Eventually the whole process of decomposition makes composition possible.  The infertile flora makes fertile flora possible.  It’s truly amazing!

For those of us who read Romans 1 and interpret it as truth, we become worshippers.  We are like those who see the revelation of God rather than an accident in the outdoor revelation.  What Paul says is that God has made himself plainly seen, that He is clearly visible by what He has made.

Every living thing exists in obedience to Him–even viruses and molds are a tribute of praise.

Even while the Psalmists writes, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,” I know that there are many who tread on the contours in the very palm of the Almighty Himself and yet claim that they cannot see Him.  They do not see Him.  Truly they cannot, for the mystery of God has been hidden from them.  Sin has blinded them.

I too was blind.  I am still sinful, but my life has passed from death to life.  My eyes that were once blind are now able to see.  For those of us who have been in darkness, now see an incredible light.  For us, we cannot understand why so many refuse to see.  For so many, they cannot understand why we continue to worship a God who cannot be seen.