While I was eating a tuna fish sandwich, I scrolled down the channels and found “The New Jim Bakker Show.”

For becoming an Amber Builder’s Club Member (which I figure would set you back about $1000), you will get a stone from a brook on their new 600 acre property. On one side of the stone will be written the word “Jim,” and the word “Legacy” is written on the other side.  You will also get TWO–not one, but two–membership cards.  They call it their “double partner membership.”  With each card, you may shop for 12 gifts from their “Partner’s Shop.”  In it are things that belong to the glory days of the Bakker past–items of personal ownership or made to give the impression of ownership by Jim and his family.p1020723

The money is being raised to — you guessed it — develop more real estate.  It’s called Morningside:

The development has its own sewer and water treatment plants. The main building, with the domed sky, is 200,000 square feet of mixed retail and housing. It holds 115 condos, going for $80,000 to $350,000. About 40 condos already have sold, Crawford says. He also is building single-family homes and small apartment buildings nearby; many are near completion. He hopes to have 2,000 families living here one day.

Crawford says the parallels between Morningside and Heritage USA are no accident. “It was modeled a whole lot on that. That model worked.”

By the way, what do you get when you take the same principles, same greed, and even some of the same people and you buy some of their same old stuff?  I simply want to tell any of Jim’s followers that he cannot “win souls” with self-affirmation, but with self-sacrifice (synergism fangles Christianity). Number two, he cannot “win souls” with money, but with love; love of people over love of their assets or possessions. In this sense, mega church can learn a lesson here. If people are viewed as assets and credits, you are a corporation, not a corporate body of worshipers.

I don’t have the patience or the interest in spelling out in excruciating detail what has already been worked out in this article. So, instead, I will simply remind old viewers and teach the new ones that this is exactly what is wrong with the church today.  This is exactly the type of thing that is ruining the name of Christ among true believers in this pagan land.  Some call it “Promised,” some recall the name “Canaan.”  Either way, it still reeks of idolatry today. Run!  This is not my home, and Bakker does not represent my spiritual family accurately.  I renounce his gospel firmly.