god-republican-or-democratThere are a hundred thousand different ways to approach money, medicine, education, immigration, business and leisure, foreign policy, natural disasters, faith and morality, crime and tyrannical governments, yet we all end up doing the same things in the same ways; democratically.

This means that ultimately, it is popular mood about these matters that steer politics on these matters. What steers popular mood?  I would suggest that our worldview does.  It is a collection of opinions and beliefs that have been pulled from our heritage, our current situation, and our personal judgment/subjectivity.

If our heritage, current context, and personal judgment/subjectivity all have various errors in them, we create further and further subdivisions taking place within the unity of a singular, cultural worldview.  Thus, demonstrations, marches, stand-offs, embargo, tariffs, assassination attempts, diplomacy, tea parties, pickets, etc.

At the same time that culture affirms tolerance and unity, there is less of both.

At the same time that President Obama promises to bring everyone together to talk and share mutual respect, the opposing paradigms of non-global economics and nationalistic nuclear power dig in their heels.

At the same time that certain faithful Christians grow more hungry and zealous for truth and deeper godly conviction, the humanist grows more atheist, autonomous, and even more evangelical about it.

If the new-atheists are right, and society would be better off if we rid ourselves of the superstition of religion, why are we getting further from, not closer to, utopia?  Truly society is secularizing.  Truly God’s faithful are growing more in love with God, each other, and our planet. When the former cannot say what is good or what is right but only what we agree on, chaos ensues.  When the latter affirm unanimously the answer to both, there is unity.

The fruit of secularism is pulling its millipede-centered empire down upon itself.

The fruit of Christ is building an entirely different empire.

Human autonomy and democracy fails to bring peace.  It makes a majority of individuals almost comfortable at the cost of making outsiders mostly uncomfortable. It builds its empire on the backs of it’s oppressed.

Only redemption can make one of the many.  It makes whole every individual.