missinglink“It is the scientific equivalent of the Holy Grail. This fossil will probably be the one that will be pictured in all textbooks for the next 100 years.” (NY Daily News, US/World News). I think this is less about science and more about money. It makes money to unveil “proof” for biological evolution.

Today, May 20, 2009,  secularists at Google (and many other media outlets) believe that they unveil damning evidence that counters believers in Creationism and I.D.  The homepage at Google today depicts “Ida,” a fossil dated to be as old as 47 million years.  When you click on the fossil, you are essentially doing the equivalent of a “Google Search” for “Missing Link.”  The first link to appear in the list of results from that Google search brings you to this site; NY Daily News, US/World News.  I have cut and pasted the last portion of that article here:

The unveiling of the fossil came as part of a carefully-orchestrated publicity campaign unusual for scientific discoveries.

A History Channel film on the discovery will air next week.

A book release and a slew of other documentaries will follow.

There is plainly a lucrative agenda behind any publicity of Ida at Google, NY Daily News, or even last night’s ABC Nightly News (Tuesday, May 19, 2009). In fact, it would be considered press irresponsibility not to report on the unveiling of “Ida.” My concern is that “Ida” is less about science and more about money and faith.  We have yet to hear from Creationists why this whole matter is so absurd. For example, we are not genetically similar to a lemur-like mammal, according to Darwinian Scientists. They have been genetically mapping our similarity with the primates.

Secondly, there is today an anti-intellectual momentum.  We don’t know as much as we think we do, and we boast to know of something we know very little about.  This leaves a lot of space for schemes, rhetoric, religious/political agenda, hoaxes, etc.  There is such a thing as Pseudoscience.  Pseudoscience is a methodology, belief, or practice that is claimed to be scientific, or that is made to appear to be scientific, but which does not adhere to an appropriate scientific methodology, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, or otherwise lacks scientific status (from Oxford English Dictionary and The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

The scientific community seems to have gone mad. There is no consensus about this fossil among respected researchers merely because Ida appears to have thumbs.  The fossil Ida was exhumed 26 years ago. It was examined in secret and prepared meticulously for terrific response–both monetary and secularist in motive.

Think again before joining the parade in the scientific community over this so-called “proof.”  It is audacious to use terms like “proof,” or “holy grail.” It even sounds desperate to announce, “This fossil will probably be the one that will be pictured in all textbooks for the next 100 years.”  Hurum said, “This specimen is like finding the Lost Ark for archeologists.”  Certainly, Hurum would want these claims to be true.  It’s so soon to make these claims and it’s too soon to buy in.  Buying claims and ideas isn’t much different than buying into Madoff’s money scheme or PTL’s religious/money scheme. One sees a headline, is quickly and deeply moved by the implications, and then happily commits him/herself to it.

The scientific community is religious too—primarily the religious faith in naturalism and atheism—and they must consistently interpret their “findings” as support their religious belief.  Hurum goes even further—more than championing Darwinian evolution, he is capitalizing on that religion.  He is the Jim Bakker or Ted Haggard of Biological Evolution.

Sidenote, Only 3 months ago, on February 12, 2009, instead of saluting Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday, Google’s banner saluted Charles Darwin. Why “Darwin Day?” Because Abraham Lincoln stood out from among his Deist contemporaries and saluted Christ.

Darwin Google Logo

Jorn Hurum may be a Darwinian, but he is also desperate to defend his worldview. Most importantly for my post here, he is excellently business-savvy and has intentionally created the secularists’ wet dream.