Lost in the Cosmos

This is the question of the decade: “What the heck is going on?” We ask this question of the housing market, health care, geo-politics, global climate, education, marriage, church culture, and religion in general. This could either be a long and non-conclusive blog thesis or a brief and still inconclusive post. I’ll bet, given the pace at which society operates, you’ll prefer the brief and inconclusive version: (legal disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this post reflect very accurately the opinion of the masses. Don’t call us.)

  • The housing market: If there were not so many other greedy terds trying to invest in real estate at the same time as me this would never have happened.
  • Health Care: If the government would just make up for my irresponsibility, everyone will be much better off.
  • Geo-Politics: If religious fanatics would just learn to compromise and become tolerant of their enemies’ bedrock convictions, we would all get along better.
  • Climate Change: Since we have become so good at controlling everything man has made, maybe we can also be good at controlling what God has made. Or, since there is no God, we must be responsible for the mess and the clean-up.
  • Education: Since every individual is equal in thought and viewpoint, maybe we ought to learn from the child and cater to them right where they are.
  • Marriage: There are no rules, just right.
  • Church culture: Church has become a bore, let’s jazz it up. Who knows, we might become popular again!
  • Religion: God? What God? Truth? “What is Truth?” “Man is the measure of all things.”

Conclusion: We are a culture of individuals who refuse to submit to any authority outside of ourselves.  We seek to be autonomous of any absolute norm and prop up ourselves as the norm by which we live.

What’s going on? We are sleeping in the bed that we have made for ourselves.