Our party generation is preoccupied with who is and who is not boring. The reality is that we are all the same:

We learn the same subjects in school, go to the same movies, shop in the same stores, and eat in the same restaurants. To admit that you have found someone interesting is also to admit one’s dullness. The curse of being interesting yourself is to find no one else interesting.

In order to stand out in a consumer culture, you must both be a consumer and the consumed. Even the exceptional will rise from and return to obscurity. Society affirms itself—only itself. We are all dull, and we point it out to one another every day.

The entire goal of suburbia is to make everything the same. Our goal is ultimately to be an individual, but we go about it in the same ways. Our ultimate goal is to be as unique as possible, but it is masked in our effort to be comfortable and content as possible. When suburbia is successful, we live in the same homes, wear the same styles, learn in the same schools, and worship in the same churches. Because we eat, sleep, and breathe the same way, we are all thinking the same thoughts—self-centered thoughts.

We are ridiculous.