I am fascinated with Dr. John Frame’s comments in Unregenerate Knowledge of God: “In some senses, knowledge of God is universal and otherwise it is not” (paragraph 2).

In paragraph 7, he writes: “Scripture tells us that this revelation is found not only in the natural world, but in their own persons . . . so God’s revelation is inescapable.”

I am in complete agreement with the statements above. At the same time I recognize an apparent limit to that revelation according to a reformed epistemology.

Thus, at the same time we “give an answer” we are also reminding them of what they know to be true. Right? (forgive me for sounding neo-Platonist)

They may not reason that because God made the cosmos, therefore, Jesus is God, or experience an obedient biblical response to that knowledge (which requires God’s Spirit and special revelation), but they will already know innately that they are in need of a god or a savior other than themselves. Right?