It doesn’t take much of my culture’s music, movies, books or television to learn the motto of our nation: “You can do anything. You can be anything you want to be. Just never give up!” The only observation I with to point out here is the emphasis on what an individual wants.

I don’t want to make more of this than to point out the foundation for the seemingly universal attitude in America. This is not my attempt to say that it is the fault of the secularists. It’s not Walt Disney. It’s not even Hollywood. In fact, I would not even assume that our motto divides Christians in contemporary society from non. I merely point out that regardless of our value system, for most (seems like nearly all) of America, the foundational value in contemporary society is on our wants for our lives. It has taken on the appearance of an absolute right. Truly we have embraced the third of our “unalienable rights.”