Touching story but a theological disaster. The writing of Letters presents an unfortunate account of the purpose of prayer, biblical suffering and the true meaning of salvation.

There is too much decaf theology in this flick. God did not send Christ so that we can have “someone to talk to about what is in our heart and get help,” but to rescue dying people from the eternal death that we all deserve.

There are two necessary components of a “Christian Worldview” that are seldom mentioned: sin and the cross. Without these, we may as well be watching Oprah.

According to their website, “Possibility Pictures is a team of gifted veterans and category leaders, formed from God’s will to reach out and spread His word through film. Possibility Pictures plans to diversify the choices available to our society and present stories that lift the spirit and spread the word of hope and love.” I’m afraid they didn’t quite accomplish the former of their objectives.