This page exists as a place for me to post some of my other work that is too long or not quite right for a “web log.”

Thanks for stopping by. Check in as often as you’d like. If you have scholastic work, prose, or poetry on your site as well, please let me know. I’d love to read more. I’m currently adding work to this page, so links will appear over time.


Stephen C. Allen

God’s Distinction of the People of God: Biblical Exegesis on How Exodus Sheds Light on Redemption

A Review of Open Theism–And Why I Challenge It

Would St. Augustine Consider The War In Iraq Just?

Book Review of Gary Haugen’s “Good News About Injustice”

Is Islam Inherently Violent?

The Emergent Crisis (One Seminarian’s Humble Opinion)

Should We Ordain Women?

Sartre, C.S. Lewis, and Pascal on Morality and Human Responsibility

Cloning: Exploring the Philosophy and Ethics Behind Genetic Research From a Christian Point of View

Non-Academic Prose:

The Lantern: Exploring one’s self in the mirror of someone else.